Cuddlers Peppy the Baby Safe Plush Pig
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Cuddlers Peppy the Baby Safe Plush Pig

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  • Barcode: 092943209985

f there's one thing that babies love, it's pigs. Ask one, they really do. Enter Cuddlers Peppy the Baby Safe Plush Pig by Aurora, a baby's dream come true! This soft and safe pig stuffed animal is the pal that babies spend their entire childhoods pulling around by the leg. Don't worry, Peppy is fine with that. A little tug on the leg is nothing to a pig. Peppy the Baby Safe Plush Pig isn't just adorable, Peppy is a survivor! Go ahead baby, chew on Peppy, slobber, throw Peppy across the room and Peppy will keep coming back for more. This plush pig knows what it takes to make a baby happy and it's a job that Peppy embraces wholeheartedly. So, it's clear that babies will love Peppy, but what about parents? Well, check this out. Peppy isn't called a baby safe plush pig for nothing. Embroidered facial features and safe fabrics ensure that baby will be safe while enjoying the many pleasures of hanging out with Peppy. Pleasures like snuggling Peppy's delightful and incredibly soft plush fabric. Fun, cute, cuddly, and safe.


  • Measures approx. 12 in. tall (8 in. sitting)
  • Embroidered facial features
  • Soft, two-tone plush
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester